Individual Living Arrangements (ILAs)

Providing a separate and individualized home environment for each youth in our care.

Customized Therapeutic Alternative Care

An Individual Living Arrangement (ILA) is a placement option for young people who require a higher level of support than can be provided in family-based or group care. Each ILA is tailored to the unique needs of the young person. Within each home environment, a dedicated team of child and youth care workers provides purpose-driven care to the young person 24 hours a day. Within the life space, practitioners create opportunities for healing, growth, and development.

Young people who are referred to us for this kind of care are usually considered to have complex needs and challenging behaviours, and require an intensive, therapeutic placement option. All such programs are individualized to meet the specific needs of each young person.

Our Program Philosophy

We provide supportive, nurturing, and therapeutic home environments for young people based on the following:

  • Assessment and intervention are developmental and trauma informed. They focus on providing a rich array of diverse and reparative experiences to stimulate growth in all functional areas.
  • We place strong focus on relational practice, providing positive social interactions, and encouraging the development of healthy relationships and a sense of belonging.
  • Intervention is focused on identifying the needs underlying young people’s behaviours and helping them to meet these needs in healthier ways.
  • Intervention is individualized, promoting resilience, competence, and opportunities for young people to experience success.
  • Families and/or guardians are considered an integral part of the therapeutic process, whenever possible and appropriate.