Our Impact

Key Assets Nova Scotia has helped youth achieve changes that are life-altering.


Key Assets Nova Scotia uses a behaviour-data tracking process, as well as clinical observations based on our neurotransactional work, to measure and monitor healing, progress, and positive behaviour change experienced by the young people in our care. We do not take progress for granted. We do not make subjective assumptions that we are doing good work or having an impact. Instead we take an evidence-based approach, so we know if our methods are working or if we need to modify them with any particular young person.

We have demonstrated impacts that are life changing. Our outcome data have shown reductions in self harm, even in young people for whom that had been a longstanding daily behaviour. We have seen similar reductions in physical aggression in youth who previously could not imagine themselves achieving that kind of change. We have witnessed youth reducing their suicidal ideation in ways that are nothing short of inspiring. These reductions range in magnitude from 40% – 99%. The work of Key Assets Nova Scotia has effectively supported young people in our care to achieve changes they never envisioned, and changes that have completely altered the course of their lives.